We serve actively in Aviation sector with Merkur Aviation which is part of Merkur Holding since 2006. With the licenses obtained from the Directorate General of State Airport Authority we offer a variety of services such as Flight Support, Airline Sales etc not just in all over Turkey but worldwide as well with our quality standards and Merkur touch.
By following both local and global regulations strictly and caring about customer satisfaction, we have made a name for ourselves in the sector. We invite you to join Merkur Aviation family which’s primary goal is becoming a companion to our customers.
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Aircraft Charter
     Merkur Jet is one of the most successful companies we have established here at Merkur Holding and with our elevated service quality, we have become one of the pioneers in airplane charter business. In Merkur Jet we offer services such as cargo plane , passenger charter, private jets, helicopter and ambulance flight charter with the best combination of price and service quality. With our Supervision & Representation services, we are able to run operations by ourselves and to supervise each step and this gives us the advantage of providing anything any everything that you might need in case of need or emergency. Also since the allocation of the best suitable plane is extremely important, we have made agreements with different cargo and passenger airlines in order to serve in a wider range.
Above all we stand by our customers with Merkur Jet which attaches importance to customer satisfaction, service quality and the allocation of the right aircraft.
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     We have established Triad Cargo to serve at the Logistics sector and to serve with different mode of transports such as air, land or sea but alongside with transport services we also offer Insurance, Custom and Documentation services to our customers.
With Triad, you can enjoy the privilege of getting a safe, complete and trouble-free service wherever you want, regardless of the mode of transport.
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     We have established Ontravel to serve in the Tourism sector and to bring fast and reliable corporate solutions to our customers. From M.I.C.E services to visa arrangements we have a generous variety of service scope and to our clientele which is mostly corporates, we offer Corporate Travel services and also Individual or Group Travel Management organization services.
With our service scope at Ontravel that is specifically dedicated to fulfill any need of yours, we invite you to join our journey which’s goal is to be there for our customers, anytime and anywhere they need us.
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Our Vision on Sustainability
     Within the framework of United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals’ 17 goals and 169 sub-goals that are meant to be achieved till 2030, we also adopt the principles that aims economic and social growth by sustainability and expect our business partners to adopt them as well.
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